Child Welfare Dashboards

A list of graphically oriented child welfare dashboards provide statewide and local agency child welfare performance summary data pertaining to child safety, permanency, and well-being. 


Access Dashboard provides cumulative information related to Access screening decisions and trends in Wisconsin for the calendar year, including prior years.

Initial Assessment (IA) Timeliness and Workload Dashboard provides data on performance in Initial Assessments in the most recent month and in six month trends, including workload detail and prior years.


NEW!   Placement Stability Dashboard presents statewide and county summary information related to placement stability as a result of the measurement of two or fewer placements per episode.

NEW!   Re-Entry Into Out of Home Care (OHC) Dashboard provides statewide and county summary data pertaining to children re-entering OHC within 12 months of reunification with parent(s) or living with relatives.

NEW!   Out-Of-Home Care (OHC) Discharges are three dashboards currently available pertaining to children discharged from Out-Of-Home Care (OHC).  They provide summary information specific to legal permanence, adoption, and aging out.


Caseworker Contacts Dashboard  provides cumulative information related to monthly caseworker visit requirements in Wisconsin for the federal fiscal year to date including prior years.

Child and Parent Needs and Services Dashboards:   As a result of the most recent federal Child and Family Services Review (CFSR), Wisconsin has developed a strategy to improve family engagement and well-being. Specifically, to analyze Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) data to identify gaps in well-being services and subsequently generating recommendations for the improvement of those services to children and parents in Wisconsin. 

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