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  • Family in house
    Governor Walker Creates Future of the Family Commission

    The family is the basic foundation on which civil society was formed. A strong family provides the love, support, protection and stability that allow children to thrive, adults to achieve, and communities to prosper.

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  • Stop Human Trafficking
    Wisconsin Creates Task Force to Fight Human Trafficking

    Human rights as individuals include being allowed to be in charge of one’s own body, ones’ own person. If that basic right is stolen, it is a demoralizing and traumatic experience for a human being to endure.

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  • School Children
    National Child Care Provider Appreciation Day – May 6

    Friday, May 6th is a special day -- Provider Appreciation Day -- to recognize child care providers who assist parents in their children’s care and early learning. Included in this group are teachers, school-age program staff, child care center directors and staff, and all those whose work is responsible for youth education and care.

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  • Resource for Parents

    Do you know which child care providers have star power? With DCF's YoungStar website, accessing quality child care for working parents will be easier than ever! Together we can help Wisconsin's little stars shine bright!

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Fathers provide a solid foundation in children’s lives

As we roll into another Wisconsin summer, it is again the time that we traditionally thank fathers for their positive contributions to their family and society as a whole. Father’s Day, celebrated this year on June 19th, is a special day to honor Dads for the commitment they make every day in the lives of children, whether they are biological, step, foster or adopted. Dads are there to support and discipline kids, teach them right from wrong, throw around a ball or tell a bedtime story, take them to school or a clinic, and simply to provide love and guidance.

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